Useful Jupyter tips

This post provides a short intro on picking up useful Jupyter hacks. We begin with a short overview of the most essential Jupyter shortcuts and skills. If you have not read the introduction to Jupyter you should do that immediately, see here.

Keyboard short cuts

Editing and executing cells - enter edit mode: click inside the cell or press ENTR - exit edit mode: click outside cell or press ESC. - executing code within a cell is SHFT+ENTR or CTRL+ENTR (not same!)

Adding removing cells (command mode only) - delete a cell:d,d (press d twice) - add cell: a above, b below

Converting between markdown and code (command mode only) - as markdown: m - as code: y

See all Jupyter keyboard shortcuts in menu (top): Help > Keyboard Shortcuts, or press H in command mode.

Other tips


Within Jupyter the TAB command will autocomplete your code. This can also be used to see which methods are available for a given object.


Using the syntax %matplotlib inline allows you to make figures within Jupyter notebook.

Function description

Execute a cell with ?fct will give you information about the function fct. Note this command also work on objects’ methods.

Further resources

DataCamp has some excellent resources for picking up additional Jupyter skills. Their cheatsheet, available here, is excellent to print out and have is a coding aid. For a comprehensive overview of Jupyter to check out the official documentation, see here.

If you have other relevant stuff that you wish to share, make a pull request in our course page’s GitHub repo.