Exam project

When the teaching in our course finishes you are to hand in a project. The formal requirements are found here.

In this blog post we want to expand a little bit on how a good project will look. The focus of the project is to pose and interesting question to data that can be collected publicly and attempt to answer it. Some good projects use machine learning for modelling a variable of interest, while some good projects use machine learning to parse text data. Yet, And some projects are good without even using machine learning, by collecting and structuring interesting or challenging data and providing descriptive statistic and good visualizations.

We also note that a good project is succinct and to the point. You should describe your data structuring at a high level to convey what you have done. Sometimes many hundred lines of complicated code can be stated quite briefly to get the essence.

On the internal page on Absalon here, we have made some of last years projects available. As you can see they span quite different subject, writing styles and use of machine learning.